Royal choir discusses performing at high-pressure and fast-paced events

The Queen’s Six, a celebrated choir at Windsor Castle, has provided a glimpse into what it is like to sing for the royal family. The choir, which consists of six male voices, has performed for the British monarch on numerous occasions and has sung at some of the most high-profile events in the country. From performing at state occasions to marking important milestones, The Queen’s Six has been present at many historic moments.

The founder of the choir, Simon Whiteley, recently spoke candidly about what it is like to sing for the royal family. Whiteley told People magazine that singing for the Queen and other members of the royal family is always a whirlwind experience. He explained that when a performance is announced, there is always a great deal of press interest, and cameras are quickly set up to capture the event. But just as quickly as the cameras appear, they disappear, and the choir is left to bask in the glow of their performance.

Despite the intense pressure that comes with performing for the royal family, the members of The Queen’s Six relish the challenge. Nick Madden, a member of the choir, noted that singing for the royal family is exhilarating and a tough job to get, and once you have the job, you have it for life. Whiteley added that the high-pressure situations are a necessary part of the job because they help to ensure that the choir members can deal with any situation that may arise.

The choir’s most recent performance was at Prince Philip’s funeral, a pared-down and intimate service held in the chapel at Windsor Castle. The choir was understandably nervous about singing at the funeral, as there were only four of them, and they were used to singing as part of a much larger group. But they rose to the occasion, and their performance was widely praised.

Whiteley described the experience as quite nerve-wracking, with the Queen sitting by herself and the choir singing their part alone. It was quite a scary thing to do, he said, especially when you are in front of millions of people watching. Nonetheless, the choir members were proud of their performance and felt that they had done justice to Prince Philip’s memory.

In summary, singing for the royal family is a high-pressure job that requires skill, talent, and dedication. The members of The Queen’s Six are proud to have been given the opportunity to perform for the Queen and other members of the royal family, and they take their responsibilities seriously. Their performance at Prince Philip’s funeral was a testament to their talent and professionalism, and they will undoubtedly continue to be a fixture at important royal events for years to come.

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