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Rihanna unfazed by haters after paying tribute to ‘great friend’ Kanye West

Rihanna recently paid tribute to her friend Kanye West during her power-packed performance at the Super Bowl Halftime show. Despite the controversial remarks made by the rapper against Jews, Rihanna continues to be “great friends” with him and remains supportive of him. She drew inspiration from Kanye’s Donda listening party outfit in 2021, which helped her flaunt her baby bump in an all-red outfit for the show.

An insider close to Rihanna shared with The Sun that she “doesn’t care if people are offended by her paying tribute to him at the Super Bowl,” and that she supports Kanye even if she doesn’t always agree with what he has to say or his political views. The insider also revealed that ASAP Rocky, who is currently dating Rihanna, is also a good friend of Kanye.

Many fans were expecting Kanye to make a cameo appearance during the show, but to everyone’s surprise, he did not join Rihanna on stage. According to the insider, Rihanna wanted to keep the focus on her pregnancy reveal, so she did not bring Kanye out on stage. The insider also noted that “All of the Lights” was one of Rihanna’s biggest hits as a feature, and it continues to do well on iTunes as a result of her Super Bowl performance.

Rihanna’s tribute to Kanye has sparked mixed reactions from fans and the public. Some have praised her for remaining loyal to her friend, while others have criticized her for supporting someone who has made controversial remarks. Despite the backlash, Rihanna remains unfazed and continues to stand by her friend. Her performance at the Super Bowl has not only drawn attention to her upcoming baby, but it has also helped revive interest in her music.

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