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Kim Kardashian Sends Message of Support to Former Spouse Kanye West

Amidst the crisis surrounding her ex-husband Kanye West, Kim Kardashian has sent a message of support to the American rapper. Over the past few months, West has struggled with controversy and public backlash following his controversial comments on social media.

Taking to Instagram Stories on Saturday, Kim shared a quote by Dane Thomas that seems to offer a glimmer of hope for the rapper who has found himself isolated from the world. The quote is a reminder that even in the face of loss and tragedy, life goes on and one’s most beautiful qualities shine through when they choose to love, have faith, and pursue their dreams.

Kim, who divorced West after years of a tense relationship, is the mother of the rapper’s four children. Her message on Instagram was met with appreciation from fans who interpreted it as a gesture of encouragement towards West, who reportedly married 28-year-old Yeezy architectural designer, Bianca Censori, in a top-secret ceremony last month.

With her post, Kim seems to be reminding West that despite all the hurdles and challenges, he has the power to persevere and find beauty in the world around him.

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