Here’s why you should spray vinegar around your windows

This tip is really worth it!

The sun finally begins to show itself and the temperatures rise. So you can open your windows again to bring in the fresh air. Fresh air is welcome, but insects are not, and even if the windows are closed, it looks like insects (like mosquitoes) get in through the cracks.

Thanks to this tip, this boring situation will be a thing of the past!

Did you know that vinegar is a real miracle product? You can use it for a lot of things. For example: adding vinegar to your laundry offers many benefits. Bad smells like perspiration, urine or mold have no chance of staying if you add vinegar to your washing machine. Animal hair will not stick to your clothes as easily if you use vinegar, which is ideal if you have a hairy dog at home, such as a dog or cat. Vinegar is also a good alternative to fabric softener; it is completely natural while the fabric softener contains many harmful chemicals.

You can keep insects away from your home with a little vinegar. Mix 150 milliliters of water and 150 milliliters of vinegar in a spray, shake so that the mixture is very homogeneous. Use this mixture to spray your indoor and outdoor window frames (if you can – don’t risk yourself if you live in a multi-story apartment!). Mosquitoes don’t like the smell of vinegar and will stay away.

This mixture not only keeps mosquitoes away but also spiders. Vinegar contains a type of acid that spiders cannot tolerate. This is why it is good to spray the mixture in places where spiders are used to going, closets and corners. Even if the vinegar has a strong enough odor, don’t worry, your bedroom and living room won’t smell of vinegar. When dry, the smell disappears.