Here’s why you should put your brush hair in your plants

Thanks to this, it is guaranteed that your plants will stay alive

Plants give your interior an elegant and beautiful appearance. No wonder we find all kinds of plant jewelry in our interiors that gives that little extra. But the care of these plants is not free. Are you bad at it and your plants are more often dying than alive? So it’s time to apply this tip. Take your hairbrush (yes, you read that right) and add your hair to your plants. Because these hairballs from your brush will keep your plants alive.

Weird, but true!


If you don’t have a green thumb, it can be difficult to keep your plants alive. Watering them regularly and placing them in the right place at home is a good start, but unfortunately, that is not all. You also need to make sure your plants are getting plenty of nutrients. You can do this by repotting them from time to time, but there is another method that can give nutrients to your plants.

A tuft of hair

Sometimes you are surprised by the number of hairs that remain on your brush when you style them. There is a good chance that you throw this tuft of hair in the trash. Do not do it! The hair on your brush is the trick to keeping your house plants alive.


Brush hair works as a natural fertilizer for all your plants, according to Wired. The reason is due to the nitrogen that is processed in your hair and is what the plant needs to live. In fact, hair works even better than fertilizers. You probably didn’t expect it.


How does it work exactly? Dig a hole in the ground and plant the tuft of hair left on your brush. Make sure your hair hasn’t been dyed recently. You don’t want chemicals to infest your plants. However, you have to be patient with the process as it takes about two years before the hair deteriorates. It is only then that the active substances are released. Patience is a good thing, right?