8 Best Pasta Dishes to Try

Pasta is no doubt one of the most versatile foods out there. You can style pasta however you want; dress it up for a fancy dinner, or whip up a quick sauce for comfort food. While most believe that pasta originated from Italy, it is incorporated in a lot of cuisines around the world, whether that is American Mac ‘n Cheese, or Chinese Chow mien.

Crowd-pleasing and exquisitely delicious, here are some of the best and easy pasta recipes you need to try at home!

Chicken Macaroni

A form of pasta, macaroni is elbow/crescent-shaped and goes well with spices, salads, and sauces. Chicken macaroni is a Pakistani fused dish that brings traditional spices with the modern dish. Chicken macaroni is easy to make, flavorful, and a spicy treat for your meal. Here is a great Chicken macaroni recipe that you can make at home with easy ingredients and quick turnout.

Agio e Olio spaghetti

An Italian recipe, Agio e Olio literally means garlic and oil, and those are the only two ingredients needed for the dish recipe. You might think that this past might be bland, but it incorporates just these two ingredients to create the easiest and aroma-packed pasta recipe you have ever tried. You can adjust it however you like to your taste, or enjoy it as it is. Add a pinch of fresh dill or parsley for an even better flavor.

Taco Pasta salad

A creative fusion resulted in the Taco Pasta salad, which is as delightful as a pasta dish and as flavorful as tacos. Perfect for big family gatherings like parties and barbeques, you can use as many of your favorite toppings as you like. The textures in Taco Pasta salad are amazing, with crunchy tortilla chips, chewy pasta noodles, and creamy dressings. It makes a perfect summer/spring salad.

Italian Baked Pasta

So easy that it uses only four ingredients, Italian baked pasta makes for a quick and tasty dinner for friends or family. With only pasta cheese, beef, and tomato sauce, the recipe is a quick oven bake that is so cheesy and satisfying in the end. You can get the amazing recipe here.

Greek Pasta

With authentic genuine flavors, this Greek Pasta is a great vegetarian treat for your taste buds. Using the power and flavors of veggies, this quick pasta is medley of all your favorite tastes, and is ready 20 minutes for lunch or dinner! As tasty as it is beautiful, this Greek pasta is a must-try this summer.

Mushroom Pasta

The classic Mushroom pasta is a great recipe to try this winters as the mushrooms are abundant. You can use any type of mushrooms you want to create this dish! which requires minimal ingredients and gives maximum flavor. Butter, garlic, and cheese are enough for a delicious mushroom treat, and this great technique by Nagi for Mushroom Pasta makes a foolproof recipe that you need to try!

Pasta Puttanesca

Made with just the ingredients from your pantry and ready in just thirty minutes! Pasta Puttanesca is an amazingly easy recipe that packed with flavor You can make it for yourself, for your partner, or even a lunch dish for kids, as it is a sure and delicious flavor for everyone. Best cooked and enjoyed in cold weather, this pasta dish can be consumed at any time. you can try a great recipe here.

Mediterranean Pasta

With beautiful colors, great flavors, and a luscious sauce, Mediterranean pasta is a quick recipe to dish out on a busy day Even if you have had a tough day, this recipe will comfort and fulfill you and is packed with nutrition for the best of your health. Try it here.