7 tips that will make you look taller

looking Toller is possible by practicing a few tricks when dressing and getting ready.
To appear Taller, it’s not necessary to use only high heels. in fact, there are many other tips that can help you create the Illusion in a very simple way, without having to spend too much or make too much effort. certainly, many women are already using more than one of these techniques without realizing it.

once you know them all, you can make the most of them to create a Slimmer look and look slimmer and thinner, you will no longer have any excuse to look taller and to lengthen your figure naturally.

after all, it is impossible to spend your life only in high heels. find out today how to look taller in a natural way.

1. Colors and prints

The first tip you can use to make yourself look taller is about the clothes you will be wearing every day. This is, in particular, the aspect of their design: color and pattern.
One-color clothing is a guaranteed success. As much in the basic colors (black, white, beige, gray, navy blue, etc.) as in the others. An outfit made up of two single-colored pieces will make the legs much larger and give your waist a much more elongated and slender appearance.
On the other hand, as far as prints are concerned, the ones that work best for small women are the smaller ones. What do we mean by that?

For example, among floral prints, it is best to choose those with small flowers to give less volume and look taller. Be careful, it’s not about eliminating large flowers forever, but knowing which is the best option with each item of clothing.

Striped patterns are another problem that you should also consider. This is a rule of thumb: vertical stripes will give you a higher appearance, while horizontal stripes will accentuate your curves. On the other hand, it is better to choose sets that include fringes, lines, and fine stripes and are always in the vertical direction.

2. Always wear the most favorable shoes to look at taller

shoes that will make you look taller. With regard to the type of shoes that are most favorable for small women, there are shoes that suggest the top of the feet and end in peak shape. In addition, sandals, shoes with heels, platforms, and flat shoes with the same features will also be perfect.

Also remember that the wider the neck of the shoe, the more favorable it will make you look taller.

3. Always use the correct clothing size

Do not wear clothes that are too long, or too loose because the effect will be the opposite of what you are looking for. Instead of gaining inches, you will shorten the length of your legs and bust. For this reason, always look for clothes that combine all these tips, and that also marks the height of your waist.

On the other hand, the best is always to play with the asymmetry of the clothes to lengthen the silhouette.

4. Emphasize and enhance your size to look taller

If you can, try to use belts and complements that define your waistline very well. That way, you can balance your look with any outfit.

Of course, the belts should preferably be rather thin and have small delicate buckles. On the contrary, the wide belts and the very large buckles will make you lose centimeters.

5. Do not cut your hair too long or too short

Haircuts are another “accessory” that you should take into account when setting up your outfits and your overall look. Believe it or not, an inappropriate haircut (both for the face and the waist) can hugely affect the overall appearance of your figure.

So when it comes to looking taller, one foolproof trick is always to choose the middle choice. That is, haircuts are neither extremely long nor too short.

6. Forget the little handbags

supplements that will make you look taller
Whenever possible, avoid small handbags as they tend to look smaller. On the other hand, medium and large-size handbags will help you balance your figure with a lot more ease.

What is the reason for this choice? Well, a large handbag will divert attention a little from the general appearance of your outfits and will further disrupt the silhouette, saving you a few inches.

7. Use your best allies!

Your best allies are blouses and V-neck dresses. As well as clothes with opposite lengths: maxi and mini-skirts and dresses. All these types of clothes lengthen your physical characteristics (especially the neck and legs) and manage to save you a few centimeters more.

Now that you know what are the best tips to look taller, do not wait any longer, and start enjoying it now. We also encourage you to combine your outfits according to these little tips that will be useful for all occasions. Try all these tips and you will see that you will attract attention from more than one look and receive many more compliments.