5 tips for wearing heels longer

Did you know that talcum powder in your shoes and on your feet could be the solution to avoid the pain caused by high heels?

High heels are, without a doubt, the ideal shoes when it comes to getting on his 31. Nevertheless, as the hours pass, they can become painful. Do not panic: today we reveal our best tips for wearing your heels for longer.

High heels give the impression that your legs are longer. Your most chic silhouette. And make you even look bigger. All this makes us surer of ourselves, but also more elegant in the outfit of our choice.

However, many have pointed out their negative aspects. Among other things, these can cause posture problems if they are worn too frequently or for too long.

This is the second case that we will look at today. In order to avoid the embarrassment that they cause as well as the pains that they make you suffer, we reveal to you today our tricks to be able to wear your heels for several hours without that turning into a nightmare.

5 tips to wear your heels longer

With these simple suggestions, your shoes will no longer be a disadvantage during your long days of work or during the important events you attend.

1. Place them in the freezer

This secret is divided into two steps, apply the one that best suits the time you have. The fastest way is to place your shoes in a plastic bag and then put them in the freezer.

If you have more time, place two plastic bags filled with water inside the shoes, then leave them in the freezer until the water is frozen. The shoes will widen a bit and not be as tight when you use them. In addition, they will be softer on contact and will not scratch less easily.

2. Use heel pads

They could be a divine invention. The pads that are placed on the heels and toes are a great help when it comes to relieving pain.

Although it is not a quick fix, we recommend that you keep a pair in your purse if necessary.

3. Tape your toes

According to legend, if you tape the third and fourth toe of your foot – using a band-aid, for example – you can wear your heels all day without suffering the consequences. Of course, many people are wary of the truth of this advice, yet many women say that it has been very helpful.

The explanation advanced would be that the nerves are in these two toes. Tied together, this nerve ending no longer branches off and would allow your feet to better withstand the pressure exerted on the forefoot when you wear heels.
In any case, it costs nothing to try. As if it were an urban legend, this advice is frequently found in a conversation when one of the participants complains of the pain caused by her heels.

4. Sprinkle your feet with talc

Put a little talc inside your shoes could also be useful. In this way, you will prevent the perspiration and moisture generated from adding more inconvenience to a pair of uncomfortable shoes. This delicate combination often results in painful blisters.

You should not neglect to take care of your feet. Regularly use a moisturizer to firm the skin of your feet; remember that blisters and calluses are more easily formed on dry skin.

5. Sand your shoes
Often, especially when the shoes are new, you will have to exert extra pressure when you walk. Indeed, the soles of new shoes are generally a little slippery; this gives rise to possible sometimes dangerous falls.

How to cope? There are various options: the first is to file the sole with sandpaper for example so that it is a little rougher. Another option would be to scratch the sole with a pair of scissors. Of course, it is not about lacerating these shoes, but only scratching the surface of the sole.

Finally, you can also moisten the sole with a soft carbonated drink. If you do not have one at hand, water mixed with lemon juice and sugar will do the trick. With this mix, the sole of your shoes will be sticky and you can avoid slipping longer.

By helping you with these tips, you can wear your heels longer and the pain will not spoil your days or nights. No more evening returns with your heels in hand, try these various options to find the one that suits you best. And say goodbye to painful shoes!