10 amazing benefits of eating almonds daily

For centuries, people are consuming almonds due to its numerous health benefits. Almonds packed with essential nutrients and micronutrients.  They are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, iron, niacin, copper, zinc, calcium, unsaturated fat, magnesium, selenium, antioxidants, and phosphorous.  Do you want to know how many benefits you will get from a daily dose of almonds? Read this article till the end to know about several benefits of almonds.

  1. Almonds help in weight loss

They have high levels of fiber and proteins. Almonds are low in carbs making it ideal for weight loss. Fiber makes you fuller for a long time that makes almonds a good snack option. They help you to control your cravings and aids in maintaining weight.  Some studies suggested that although almonds are high in calories they help in losing weight. Eat only 7-10 almonds daily.

  1. Almonds boost the immune system

Almonds boost your immune system. They enriched in antioxidants and nutrients that help your body to fight and prevent inflammations and infections.

  1. Almonds sharpen brain power

Almonds packed with omega-3 fatty acids, iron, and zinc. Soak 7-10 almonds at night. Eat them in the morning after removing their skin. It is proven that almonds enhance memory. They also boost focus and concentration. That’s why they are recommended to students and people working in media. It contains contain riboflavin and L-carnitine that avert cognitive decline due to brain inflammation.

  1. Almonds strengthen bones

Almonds enriched in magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus which make your bones and teeth strong. They also lower the risk of bone fracture and tooth decay. They also lower the risk of developing osteoporosis.

  1. Almonds boost digestion

Almonds help your body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A and D. They contain fiber which helps you to digest food fast and properly. They improve your metabolism. Almonds peel has probiotic compounds that boost the health of your digestive system. They also prevent constipation. Gut bacteria needed for better functioning of your digestive system. A good digestive system results in good health.

  1. Almonds rejuvenate skin

Almonds contain vitamin E is a key ingredient used in cosmetic products like creams, lotions, face washes, etc. Vitamin E helps to fight and prevent skin cancer. It is enriched in antioxidants that protect skin from the effects of poor diet, UV rays of the sun, and pollution.

  1. Almonds are good for diabetic patients

Almonds comprised of mono-saturated fatty acids that help your body to balance and control glucose levels in the blood.  They also help you to prevent insulin resistance. It happens when your body stops reacting to insulin. As a result, the glucose level in your body increases. Diabetic patients should include it in their diet.

  1. Almonds promote hair growth

Besides eating almonds, almond oil can used on the scalp to boost up hair growth. It is enriched in vitamin E. Vitamin E is a key ingredient that promotes hair growth. It protects hair from breakage.

  1. Almonds prevent heart diseases

Monounsaturated acids or MUFA present in almonds are beneficial for the complete cardiovascular system. Antioxidant flavonoids in almond skin help to prevent inflammation of veins and arteries. Almonds also help your body to control cholesterol levels which is the main cause of heart diseases.

  1. Almonds are good for eyesight

Minerals, nutrients, and micronutrients present in almonds help in improving eyesight. The habit of eating almonds daily helps in preserving eyesight. Daily consumption of almonds protects retina and eye nerves from inflammation and damage.